Montreal, November 19, 2017 – The plural is chosen for the theme "our futures" is far from a coincidence, since the diversity of forms, themes, graphic creations to contemplate the future for youth have been widely denoted!

This year, it is on this theme "our futures" that the Book Fair as well as the Youth Publications have chosen to lead the programming of this literary festival. Meetings, workshops and exhibitions have highlighted the many representations made by the creators of children's literature.

Whatever the plurality of its genres and forms, literary creation for youth has the capacity to capture the subject of the future with an infinite range of thematic and graphic possibilities.

The 40th edition of the Montreal Book Fair has been magical with six captivating days of book discoveries, rich exchanges and dynamic activities for all tastes. 120,000 visitors were welcomed, 3,000 authors, 450 exhibitors as well as more than 880 publishing houses were present. The Bahá'í booth received hundreds of visitors including journalists and regular annual visitors of the Salon. Four ministers and five provincial deputies, one federal minister and a former prime minister of Canada were also among the visitors.

This year, Bahá'í Publishing Trust offered visitors a theme related to "SERVICE, the highest expression of human nature". Throughout the exhibition, from November 14 to 19, dozens of young people engaged in deep conversations about the principles that could change society. Three large multicolored posters including Bahá'í principles adorned the walls of the booth, with a design of great beauty.

The 41st edition of the Montreal Book Fair was again marked by an overwhelming amount of varied activities for readers of all ages and for all tastes! The visitors were dazzled by the beauty of decorative panels of the Bahá'í Booth designed by a talented artist from the Montreal community, Elham Paiendeh.

Eighteen thousand young people were welcomed with their teachers during the three days reserved for them. A host of activities have been designed to draw their curiosity and increase their reading pleasure! Adolescents are more likely to read than we can think, and the Bahá'í Booth has given them a place to express their impressions.

The experience of these six days of celebration makes it undeniable that the Montreal Book Fair remains an essential showcase for books and culture, as well as a place of exchange, discovery and listening. Pleased with the success of this 41stedition, the organizing Committee would like to warmly thank all of our collaborators, volunteers, illustrators, editors, readers and the media that supported us during this annual event!


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