Montreal, October 5, 2018- The last of a five series lectures on Islám was attended by a number of friends and researchers on the subject, at the newly renovated Montreal Bahá’í Centre. This fourth annual series of lectures were held in memory of Raymond Flournoy who spent over forty years teaching and studying the Bahá’í Faith in his home in Montreal. Many accepted the Faith by attending his weekly Firesides, some without even knowing English!

The purpose of these lectures on Islám, as it has been mentioned over and over by professor Todd Lawson, is to create an awareness amongst the general public that the real image of Islám is not what we see in the 21stcentury media. Exhilarated by the Writings of the Bahá’í Faith on Islám, Todd prepared these courses very carefully and, generously put them at our disposal.

This was the story of Muhammad, a genuine world spiritual hero, the least known outside His own community! During the course of these lectures, the general outline of Muhammad’s remarkable life and profile of His heroism were discussed and supported by His own revealed Holy Book, the Qurán as well as the Bahá’í Writings. The major accomplishments of His work, His knowledge and His exceptional humanity were brought to our attention. It is remarkable to notice the volume of writings, poetry and drama composed throughout centuries, elucidating, celebrating and glorifying this simple man of Arabia who introduced a unique world civilization to mankind. Arts and sciences, poetry and drama, music and opera – all flourished under the banner of the Prophet of Arabia- Almost unknown in the Western world.

It seems that ‘Abdu’l-Bahá was the first Eastern visitor who introduced Islám to the West during his three years visit to the two continents of Europe and North America in 1912. He spoke in many churches, synagogues, groups and meetings about the truth of Islám. It is heartening to realize that we can now appreciate greatly this unique Being, Muhammad, His mission, His sufferings, His compassion and His legacy through the Writings of the Founders of Bahá’í Faith.

Bahá’u’lláh in His Book “Gems of Divine Mysteries” speaks of Muhammad in following terms: “Know then that when Muhammad, the Point of the Qur'an and the Light of the All-Glorious, came with perspicuous verses and luminous proofs manifested in such signs as are beyond the power of all existence to produce, He bade all men follow this lofty and outstretched Path in accordance with the precepts that He had brought from God. Whoso acknowledged Him, recognized the signs of God in His inmost Being, and saw in His beauty the changeless beauty of God, the decree of "resurrection", "ingathering", "life", and "paradise" was passed upon him. For he who had believed in God and in the Manifestation of His beauty was raised from the grave of heedlessness, gathered together in the sacred ground of the heart, quickened to the life of faith and certitude, and admitted into the paradise of the divine presence. What paradise can be loftier than this, what ingathering mightier, and what resurrection greater? Indeed, should a soul be acquainted with these mysteries, he would grasp that which none other hath fathomed.”

The bahaimontreal.orgis happy to announce that a new page will be added to this website devoted to the Writings of the Central Figures of the Bahá’í Faith in regard to Muhammad, a Messenger of God and the object of reverence of millions of people throughout the world!

The Emeritus Professor of Islamic Thought at the University of Toronto, Todd Lawson, has thought in the field of Islamic Studies for over forty years and published numerous books and articles in Qur’ánic studies and related topics. He is also an enthusiastic lecturer on the above subject and has travelled vastly in Europe, United-States and the Middle East. His recent book on the Qur’án published by Oneworld Academic 2017, received enthusiastic reviews by a great number of scholars in this field.   


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