Montreal, July 6, 2018 – "The Divine Plan" was the subject of a workshop presented to the “Frères de la Consolata” Mission by a friend of the Montreal Bahá'í Community. For a decade, this group of brothers have been doing a series of studies to get acquainted with other religious groups throughout Montreal and this workshop was the continuation of their exploration. The first meeting with a member of this group took place at the Salon du livre de Montréal in November 2002 and we have been working together since then.

During this half-day presentation, the views of scientists, sociologists as well as the Bahá'í perspective were examined. The participants were pleasantly surprised that the “Divine Plan … is at variance with the shadowy views, the impotent doctrines, the crude theories, the idle imaginings, the fashionable conceptions of a transient and troublous age.”!*

Historian and professor at the Department of History of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Yuval Noah Harari insists that the capacity of a human being gives him the opportunity to "become a god."!  At the same time, he asks himself the question: "Is there anything more dangerous than unsatisfied and irresponsible gods who do not know what they want? "

On the other hand, the Bahá'í Writings prove "... that the world of existence stands in utmost need of an educator, and that its education must be achieved through a celestial power. There is no doubt that this celestial power is divine revelation, and that the world must be educated through this power which transcends human power."*

The concept of the knowledge of God as suggested by Albert Einstein - "Explain to me first what do you mean by God and I will tell you if I believe it”, has been examined. The group came to the conclusion that the quotation from Bahá'u'lláh, "God, the unknowable Essence, the Divine Being, is immensely exalted beyond every human attribute …"* is the most complete of the other suggested definitions!

Since the definition of a plan is "an orderly sequence of operations intended to achieve a goal," we concluded that the Divine Plan must have a purpose. Bahá'u'lláh says, " The purpose of God in creating man hath been, and will ever be, to enable him to know his Creator and to attain His Presence. To this most excellent aim, this supreme objective, all the heavenly Books and the divinely-revealed and weighty Scriptures unequivocally bear witness. "*

“…One must search after truth, become enraptured and enthralled with any sanctified soul in whom one finds it, and become wholly attracted to the outpouring grace of God. Like a moth, one must be a lover of the light, in whatever lamp it may shine; and like a nightingale, one must be enamoured of the rose, in whatever bower it may bloom.”*

The Frères present were unanimous that the "Divine Plan" is a perpetual process that changes from age to age according to the need of time. That only the Divine Messengers have the capacity and the power to lead human beings to this common goal of unity and peace. That this process is continuous, progressive, evolving and in accordance with the needs of the time we live.

The Institute of Missionaries of the Consolata was founded in Turin in 1901 by Fr Joseph Allamano with an essentially missionary purpose. For him, evangelization included the promotion of people and societies. This Catholic religious community comprises about 1,000 brothers, 1,000 sisters and about a hundred secular collaborators who are actively involved in socio-economic micro-projects, especially in developing countries.

The photo shows the motor-ambulance drivers of Notre Dame de la Consolata hospital in Neisu, Democratic Republic of Congo. Equipment and medications are the contributions of Canadian organizations.

*Source :Bahá’í Writings


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